AU Bags

Distinct Expression.
Nostalgic Design.

Can a utilitarian staple be transformed into a new normal in fashion?

It’s impossible to traverse any crowded urban street or university campus without seeing the ubiquitous bag known as the backpack. But unfortunately, this staple of every closet has seen little functional improvement and remained virtually unchanged throughout its lifespan.

AU Bag Co. was designed with the goal of building a bag that meets both the practical expectations of those who want a functional backpack and the desires of those who want to stay ahead of the fashion curve.

AU’s founder, a former school teacher, got his inspiration from seeing thousands of bags of students and faculty throughout his teaching tenure. He sought out to design the perfect casual bag - a backpack that could fit naturally into every user’s lifestyle.

AU’s timeless design does just that.  AU Bags transition seamlessly from the city to country, from work to play. No matter your activity, your AU Bag will not leave you feeling out of place.


The Prep

The first bag in the AU Bag Co. line is The Prep – a bag that functions as the perfect lifestyle crossover bag.  Using the iconic penny loafer front, The Prep embodies this same design formula to give it a look that feels nostalgic.  The penny loafers are the any-setting-shoes.  The Prep is no different.